Explaining The Unexplainable

Explaining The Unexplainable 0

Dedicated and diverse, but all open-minded, these investigators combine their gifts to look into unexplained disturbances.   Writer: Cathy Matthews – Photographer: David Field   On a cold winter morning, a dedicated team of investigators travelled to picturesque Bridgewater-on-Loddon. “A young mum named Kate had read about us and she contacted me,” lead investigator Caroline [...]

On The Cover

On The Cover 0

Our model, Kathryn Mackenzie, dons the perfect autumn ensemble. Photographed by David Field, Kathryn wears a Dior-like silk jacket in burnt orange, which she had made in Hanoi, and a hat by Ali Blood, from the Bendigo Hat Shop.

In a cultural class of its own

In a cultural class of its own 0

St Peter’s Primary School embraces inclusion and thanks to its Koori education support officer, has the highest percentage of indigenous students in Bendigo. Writer: Dianne Dempsey – Photographer: Andrew Perryman You can feel it in the air as soon as you walk through the school’s portal. There is magic at St Peter’s primary school and [...]

A madam and her muse

A madam and her muse 0

Inspired by a renowned artist from a century ago, Kathryn Mackenzie boldly made the decision to follow her heart and bring colour and vintage to her life. Kathryn’s decision has made her a style icon within and beyond the city’s borders. Writer: Lauren Mitchell – Photographer: David Field This is the tale of two women, [...]

Nuclear imaging

Nuclear imaging 0

Sixty years after the black mist rained on Maralinga burning people and country, Australia’s nuclear history is being made visible through art. Writer: Sarah Harris – Photographer: David Field Jessie Boylan may just be proof of the adage that activists and artists are born rather than made, entering the world under not so much a [...]