Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision 0

What lies beneath? Chances are it could be a vertical drop, the vestige of the early miners who worked Bendigo’s goldfields. Grab a rope, we’re going in. Writer: Sarah Harris – Photographer: David Field As a stonemason Raymond Shaw might be expected to have an affinity with the underground, but his compulsion goes way deeper [...]

Hirsute Pursuit

Hirsute Pursuit 0

Meet the Castlemaine teacher and artist who spent five years channeling bushrangers. Writer: Sarah Harris – Photographer: David Field If anyone has suffered for Clayton Tremlett’s art of recent years it’s his partner Kathryn Davies. “The neck beards were the worst,” she says with an eloquent shudder. “The whole family could have done with counselling [...]

Keeping It In The Family

Keeping It In The Family 0

These two sets of twins are the latest generation in the Green family to make their mark at table tennis.   Writer: Raelee Tuckerman – Photographer: David Field   When the Green siblings pick up their ping pong bats and prepare to play, officials and onlookers often can’t help but do a double take. Not [...]

Kaitlin & Brenton

Kaitlin & Brenton 0

Writer: Sue Turpie – Photographer: Cindy Power   Their proposal was the stuff of romance – right down to the bride-to-be being dressed in her nightwear. Kaitlin and Brenton met through mutual friends in Bendigo. Brenton proposed to Kaitlin on the family farm at Echuca on Christmas Eve in 2014. “Brenton asked me to take [...]