Paths to the past

Paths to the past 0

There is something seductive about lanes. They have an air of mystery and romance that invites being discovered and explored. Writer: Colin King – Photograph: Anthony Webster Re-born inner city versions are portrayed as treasure troves of restaurants, galleries and boutiques. Even a seedy past cannot dispel their appeal – notoriety merely adds to the [...]

Slice of heaven

Slice of heaven 0

From a simple poor man’s flatbread with tomatoes, to the fully customisable, topping covered tasty pizza of today, this popular meal has come a very long way over the years. Photograph: David Field Considered a peasant’s meal in Italy for centuries, the debate on who invented the very first pizza is still unresolved. Food historians [...]

Horses in the heart

Horses in the heart 0

I once loved the slow, rocking-chair canter of a quarter horse, the doleful brown eyes of a standard bred, the ratbag ways of a dappled grey. There were others, too. Other horses firmly nestled in my heart, making me long for days in the saddle. Writer: Lauren Mitchell – Photographs: David Field Gill Allen’s husband [...]

Overtures and ovations

Overtures and ovations 0

It is 30 years since the Bendigo Symphony Orchestra gave its first performance in a draughty school hall. To celebrate we join the ensemble and strike up a chord. Writer: Sarah Harris – Photograph: Anthony Webster If ever the call goes up for a doctor in the house the BSO’s audience will be spoilt for [...]

oils ain’t oils

oils ain’t oils 0

A Kyneton grower’s coveted ranking in the 2011 guide to the world’s best olive oils has made them sit up and take notice back in the old country. Writer: Sarah Harris – Photographs: Anthony Webster “People say after tasting our oil they can’t go back,” Sandra Trovatello says proudly. And, to the novice, a proper [...]