Still playing with dolls

Still playing with dolls 0

From the streets of New York to a remote campfire deep in the Northern Territory, ventriloquist David Strassman has faced some tough crowds. But even though he’s now a world-famous comedian, his toughest critic is still himself. Writer: Ben Cameron Ventriloquist visionary David Strassman should have been a stockbroker. After shelling out $90 for a [...]

Wild childs of yesterday return to their Bendigo stomping ground

Wild childs of yesterday return to their Bendigo stomping ground 0

Ben Cameron Bendigo’s The Golden Vine holds a special place in the heart of Dallas Crane lead singer Dave Larkin. The renowned, local music haunt not only played host to one of their first ever live shows back in the late 90s, it was also the joint they got the boot from. So around a [...]

Cloud Control

Cloud Control 0

By Ben Cameron Cloud Control’s Heidi Leffner admits a little cabin fever can be conducive to writing beautiful music, even though it wasn’t part of the plan when the band got together to record album #2 Dream Cave. With expecations sky high for the follow up to their 2010 debut Bliss Release, and based in [...]

Alex Williamson: from shy kid to comedy king

Alex Williamson: from shy kid to comedy king 0

By Ben Cameron The internet may have killed his teaching career in the cot, but it’s helped make Alex ‘‘Shooter’’ Williamson a comedy king. The straight talkin’ online comic collossus (26 million views on You Tube at last count) is slaying them right now with his f and c bomb littered shows; a world away [...]

Diesel: still super charged

Diesel: still super charged 0

By Ben Cameron The future of some key Australian music venues might be in jeopardy, but there will always be a place for live music according to one the greats, Diesel. Speaking to Bendigo Magazine at the start of his 14 date regional tour, which takes in a variety of performance centres not exclusively reserved [...]