The Forest Flaw 0

Her smile sparkles with the knowledge of someone who’s never settled for second best, yet the first thing you notice about Robyn Helbard is that she’s feisty. Happily so. In the best possible way.

Writer: Megan Spencer – Freelance arts writer and curator of El gordo Cafe and Art Space – Photographs: Anthony Webster

Fiercely independent, Robyn is a free spirit, perfectly equipping the 35 year-old to embark upon the ride of her life.
Born and semi-bred in Bendigo (she moved away a lot), Robyn is the artist, designer and maker behind creature-craft business, The Forest Flaw, which is taking off at a rate of knots. During her first stall at The Square (Bendigo’s Handmade Market), not only did she sell a swag of creatures, she received orders for stock from Bendigo and Melbourne…